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The National Beep Baseball Association History

the NBBA was founded in late 1975, and held its first World Series during the time of September 10-12, 1976.
Reading the data on this page will give you a brief view of what and how beep baseball has been over three decades.
Stay tuned to this page for the list of historical documents and information about the NBBA.

All tournament teams 1976 - Present

Click here to see the entire history of the NBBA All tournament teams

World Series Championship Teams, 1976 - Present

Read the top 3 placing teams for each World Series 1976 - Present

Hall of Fame

Visit the NBBA Hall of Fame Page

Jim Quinn Award Winners

The highest honor for any NBBA member to achieve, read about the Jim Quinn award and its recipients

World series Roundup

the earliest NBBA Newsletter began in 1988. Reports from the early NBBA World Series are collectors items, as it paints the picture for what took place so long ago.

Click here to read the report filed by a Telecom Pioneer who traveled with the Phoenix teams to the 1976 World series in St. Paul, Minnesota, during the weekend of September 10-12, 1976.
click here to read the 1977 World Series report from Lawrence, Kansas
click here to read a story in the Kansas city star about the 1977 NBBA World series
Click here to read the account of the 1978 World Series
Click here to read the Team rosters, Box Score and All Tournament Team for the 1978 World Series

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