2013 World Series Tournament Teams:

for the 2013 Beep Baseball World Series, there are 20 teams in this years tournament.
The team standings prior to the round robin are:

The Round Robin:

Number of round robin brackets = 5.
Round robin generation is using the reverse direction scheme (right to left) in the last row, for tournaments larger than 16 teams


Bracket (A):

Bracket (B):

Bracket (C):

Bracket (D):

Bracket (E):

Round Robin Game Schedule:

The round robin game schedule is as follows:
All Times are in the Eastern time zone

Round 1: 9:00 AM

Round 2: 11:30 AM

Round 3: 2:30 PM

Double Elimination Seeds:

based on the outcomes from the 5 bracket round robin, double elimination seed positions are as follows: