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The 2010 Beep Baseball World Series - Rochester Minnesota

The NBBA 2010 Beep Baseball World Series is being hosted and sponsored by
Rochester Amateur Sports Commission, Rochester Minnesota


Sunday, August 1st through Sunday August 8, 2010

2010 NBBA World Series Championship game

click here to download or listen to the 2010 NBBA World Series Championship game between the West Coast Dawgs and Taiwan Homerun


The Kahler Grand Hotel
20 SW Second Avenue
Rochester, MN 55902
Phone: (507) 280-6200
Fax: (507) 285-2701
The Kahler Grand Hotel, Rochester, Minnesota

room info

Please read carefully about the rooms. There are 2 different room types and rates.
"B" rooms are $85.00 per night plus 11.375% tax.
These are our normal 2 double beds or 1 king bed rooms.
"C" rooms are $69.00 per night plus 11.375% tax.
These rooms have 2 twin beds or 1 double bed. These rooms ARE smaller.

IF we have more teams than expected and have an overflow situation, we do have a block of rooms available to NBBA at the Kahler Inns and Suites located around the corner from the Kahler Hotel. Their rates are a little higher.

$95.00 room is a standard room with 2 queen beds
$109.00 room is a mini-suite with 2 beds and one sofa sleeper, microwave, mini-refrigerator, & toaster.
The Kahler Inns and Suites does provide a free continental breakfast and each room also receives one free parking space.

Transportation Info

There is a shuttle from the Minneapolis Airport that goes directly to the Kahler Hotel in Rochester. For One-Way and Round Trip rates and for departure and arrival times for both ways, you can visit their website @
or call them at:
(800) 280-9270
(507) 280-9270

This transportation service also can take you directly to and from the Mall of America For mega shopping. The round trip is $39.00 per person.

Field Information

The 2010 World Series of Beep Baseball games will be held at the
Fuad Mansour Soccer Complex
2100 block of College View Road
Rochester, MN
Directions from the Kahler Hotel are:
When exiting the Kahler Hotel parking garage - turn right (east) onto Center St.
Go a block to Broadway and then turn right (south).
Go to 4th St. SE and then turn left onto 4th St SE.
After passing 19th Ave. SE, the soccer fields will be on your right.

Parking at the Kahler Grande Hotel

Due to a large convention in Rochester the same weekend as the Beep Baseball World Series, the Kahler Grand Hotel has made special parking arrangements for the attendees of the World Series.
Below, you will find different parking options as well as suggestions for you and your team:

For those of teams and fans parking in the Kahler Grand Hotel ramp, please be aware that the Kahler Grand Hotel has set up special parking for the attendees of the Beep Baseball World Series.

One section of the Kahler Grand Hotel parking ramp will be reserved for players / fans with Beep baseball. The level in which this will be on is (To Be Determined,) but the spots will be clearly marked and reserved.

If you find that the spots are full, and you need to utilize other city ramps, here are a couple of scenarios to consider:

1. Leave your vans parked in the ramp and utilize the shuttle that the hotel is offering to and from the tournament site. This shuttle will be running each day and a schedule will be given to you in your tournament packets. This will pick up and drop off at the front entrance of the Kahler hotel.
2. Have your driver drop the team and gear off at the front entrance of the Kahler Grand hotel, so you can eliminate having to walk from a different ramp. We will have extra bell service on staff to help with any needs you may have.
3. If teams are interested in going out for dinner one night, keep the vehicles parked and utilize cab service. The Kahler Hotels may have Food and beverage specials set up in the restaurants for all teams, fans and attendees of the tournament.

Alternative parking options
Center Street Parking ramp – located just across the street from the Kahler Grand Hotel.

Rent with Enterprise

The NBBA has worked out a rental agreement with Enterprise for vehicles for the 2010 World Series. If you are an NBBA member, you can contact the secretary for rental information specific to NBBA members.

If you are a friend or family member of a team and wish to rent a vehicle, you can use the information below.
You can rent from the Enterprise site at: Enterprise Rentals
As part of the rental process you can use the ID:
ID: 15D7482
PIN identification is NBB
Call local Enterprise location for free pick up.
You can also reserve by calling Enterprise Rent-a-Car directly at 1-800-RENT-A-CAR or 1-800-736-8222. Reference the ID 15D7482.

2010 World Series Tuesday Round Robin results

Games at 9:00 AM

West Coast 17 - Carolina Pride 8
Kansas AllStars 18 - Boston 6
Bayou City (Houston) 14 - Minnesota 6
Taiwan Homerun 12 - Dallas 0
Chicago 20 - Wichita 2
Indianapolis 12 - Southwest 5
Colorado 15 - Tyler 6

Games at 11:30 AM

West Coast 15 - Boston 8
Kansas AllStars 17 - Carolina 2
Bayou City (Houston) 14 - Southwest 6
Taiwan Homerun 18 - Wichita 2
Chicago 16 - Dallas 4
Indianapolis 10 - Minnesota 6
Austin 15 - Tyler-6

Games at 2:30 PM

Kansas 12 - West Coast 11
Boston 15 - Carolina 7
Bayou City 27 - Indianapolis 11
Taiwan 16 - Chicago 15
Dallas 6 - Wichita 4
Southwest 8 - Minnesota 7
Austin 19 - Colorado 18

Wednesday, August 4, Game results

Games at 9:00 AM

Austin 12 - Carolina 3
Chicago 20 - Southwest 7
Bayou City 13 - Wichita 10
West Coast 21 - Tyler 2
Taiwan 18 - Minnesota 3
Colorado 12 - Boston 9
Indianapolis 14 - Dallas 8

Games at 11:30 AM

Austin 19 - Chicago 7
Carolina 12 - Southwest 8
West Coast 18 - Bayou City 4
Tyler 7 - Wichita 4
Taiwan 19 - Colorado 16
Dallas 5 - Minnesota 4
Kansas 20 - Indianapolis 2

Thursday August 5, Game Results

Games at 9:00 AM

Southwest 14 - Minnesota 13
Carolina 9 - Colorado 8
Chicago 9 - Boston 5
Kansas 14 - Austin 6
Indianapolis 16 - Tyler 4
West Coast 17 - Taiwan 11
Bayou City 11 - Dallas 7

Games at 11:30

Indianapolis 16 - Carolina 6
Boston 16 - Tyler 3
Southwest 8 - Wichita 4
Colorado 7 - Dallas 3
Bayou City 22 - Chicago 21

Friday, August 6 Game results

9:00 AM Games

Austin 19 - Indianapolis 7
Minnesota 4 - Wichita 2
Dallas 4 - Tyler 3
Chicago 9 - Carolina 3
Boston 12 - Colorado 6
Taiwan 18 - Bayou City 8

11:30 AM Games

West Coast 19 - Kansas 12
Taiwan 18 - Austin 11
Bayou City 13 - Indianapolis 7

Third Place Game

Taiwan 15 - Kansas 7

2010 NBBA Championship game, Saturday, August 7, 11 AM

West Coast Dawgs 12 - Taiwan 11

NBBA final results and award

All Star Offense
MVP: Lupe Perez, West Coast Dawgs, 0.684
Warren Richardson, Chicago Comets, 0.659
Wen-Shen Chiu, Taiwan Homerun, 0.623
Giovanni Francese, Chicago Comets, 0.618
Brett Sanders, Kansas All-Stars, 0.600
Chen-Kuang Wang, Taiwan Homerun, 0.591

All Star Defense
MVP: Esubalew Johnston, Colorado Storm, 6.333
Eric Mazariegos, West Coast Dawgs, 6.143
Nim Novakovic, Carolina Pride, 6.000
Clint Woodard, Kansas All-Stars, 6.000
Bobby Lakey, Lonestar Roadrunners, 5.500
Greg Roberts, Bayou City Heat, 5.000

Pitcher Award: (fewest Strike outs per at bat:
Chun-Yu Lin, Taiwan Homerun, 0.1141

Spotter Award:
Taiwan Homerun

Sportsmanship Award:
Colorado Storm

Final Standings
1. West Coast Dawgs (7-1)
2. Taiwan Homerun (8-2)
3. Kansas All-Stars (5-2)
4. Austin Blackhawks (5-2)
5. Bayou City Heat (7-2)
6. Indy Thunder (5-4)
7. Chicago Comets (5-3)
8. Carolina Pride (2-6)
9. Boston Renegades (3-4)
10. Colorado Storm (3-4)
11. Lonestar Roadrunners (3-5)
12. Tyler Tigers (1-6)
13. Southwest Slammers (3-4)
14. Minnesota Fighting Lions (1-6)
15. Wichita Sonics (0-7)

Final Statistical data

Click here to open or download the 2010 World Series Statistical datafile spreadsheet