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2006 World Series Details

Final World Series Update from the Secretary

Hey, Gang!

Here is the last update you will receive from me regarding the WS. If you have questions, you can feel free to email me at

One thing I would like to stress to you is that if you have any communications/messages/documents or bribes (just kidding on that last one!) to leave for me, PLEASE don't try to track me down and hand them to me unless I am sitting at the table in the front of the room just prior to General Assembly. LEAVE all those things at the FRONT DESK of the hotel. I should be arriving at the hotel for the week, early on the Monday morning 7/31. I will make it a point to check at the desk frequently to see about picking up stuff. I don't want to lose anything you might have for me, and when I am running around & trying to get stuff done, I tend to put things in places that I SHOULD remember, but then don't. For that reason, I would greatly appreciate you helping me out by keeping everything at one spot until I go to pick it up myself with a specific place to stash it.

Enough gabbing by me, on with what you really want to know...

  1. Game times are at 8:30am, 11:30am and 2:30pm daily W-F. Saturday, the 3rd place game will begin at 9am and the CHAMPIONSHIP game will start 1/2 hour (yep, I do mean 30 minutes) after the 3rd place game ends.
  2. Transportation to the fields will start daily 2 hours prior to the start of games. This means 6:30am W-F and 7am on Saturday. They will run back & forth to the hotel all day until everyone is back at the end of the day. Please, be courteous to these volunteer drivers who are generously donating their time - not to mention the dealer who is donating the vehicles to us for the week. Please try to remove really muddy (we all know that rain can happpen!) and nasty shoes and don't ick the vehicles up unless you have no choice. It will be greatly appreciated by all -- the next person to ride in the vehicle after you, the drivers & the owner!
    1. Concessions are scheduled to start at the fields at 11am. Plan accordingly, please. Water will be provided at each field during the WS.
    2. Doggie Day Spa will be at the WS in 2006. The current schedule has it set for drop off to begin 30 minutes prior to the start of games for the days, but please verify that it won't open prior to that once you are at the hotel.
    3. We have already been told that there could, yet again, be a volunteer shortage. Please be patient as we do our best to get this situation addressed and get games going. The goal each year is to be able to have perfect staffing for each game, but, as we all know, this is not always able to happen.
    4. There will be blank copies of scoresheets & team roster forms at each score table for your teams to use. Please don't take more than you need for the games you play on THAT field each day. Since they should be available at each field, everyone should have them available unless you guys get greedy & start stocking up on them! WARNING: there will NOT be writing instruments there for your use -- only the blank forms!!!! Please bring something to write with -- also, ROSTER forms (filled out!) are due at your score table 10 MINUTES BEFORE GAME TIME!!! Please be courteous and have that taken care of on time.
  3. Monday 7/31, the hospitality room will be open from 1pm to 10 pm. Stop by and look for information, neat stuff (some of it might even be free!) and fellowship. Be sure to thank the volunteers staffing the room while you are there! The room will be open Tuesday - Friday from 6pm to 10 pm nightly.
    Rules, Nominating & By-Laws committee meetings are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, 8/1, at 8am. You will need to contact the chairmen of these committees OR check the hospitality room to find out the exact time and place these meetings will be held. Remember that each of these committees is comprised of 1 rep from each team and the chairman of the committee. If you don't send a rep to the meetings, don't gripe about things that might come up in General Assembly. Last year, due to travelling issues, we tried to set up these committee meetings with some teleconference capabilities. I'm warning you guys now, this most likely will not happen again. This committee representation has been set up almost since the NBBA was formed. Make travel arrangements accordingly -- even if you only send one person in early for the meetings.
    The NBBA Board meeting, should you care to attend, is scheduled to start at 10am on 8/1.
    GENERAL ASSEMBLY is set to start at 1pm. We have a lot of voting to do during this meeting - the Executive Board (Pres., 1st & 2nd VP, and Sec.) are all up for election this year, along with at least 5 Board of Director positions. Think ahead about who you might want to represent the NBBA in these positions. Many of these positions will be totally open as a majority of folks are either choosing to step back from their positions (like me) or are ineligible to run again for office. If you are considering someone, speak with them about it. It will require some committment in the form of money & time. Meetings are held twice yearly outside of the WS -- the first weekends of November & March. The reimbursement stipend is $200 per travelling board member. The location changes for these meetings in the fall each year based on bids put in by board members. The spring meetings are always held in the WS host city for that year. During the WS, responsibilities include attending committee meetings, a Tuesday morning board meeting, General Assembly and a Friday night board meeting. When I stepped into the position as secretary, I had no clue that I would have all these responsibilities. It really helps to be aware of them up front!
    OPENING ceremonies will immediately follow General Assembly this year.
    UMPIRE & scorekeeper meeting with the NBBA head umpire will begin after opening ceremonies.
    COACHES & CAPTAINS meeting with the NBBA head umpire and other officials will begin after the Ump & scorekeeper meeting.
    FRIDAY night board meeting, time TBA. It usually starts sometime around 8pm and is supposed to last only 90 minutes.
  5. AWARDS ceremony/banquet is scheduled for Saturday night at 6:30pm.

There will be a coaches/captains ONLY meeting on Wednesday night at 8pm in Kevin Barrett's room to discuss & set up the Double Elimination portion of the tourney that begins on Thursday and continues thru Saturday. Please send NO MORE than 2 reps to this meeting. Not only will more than that not fit, but it gets too out of hand, loud & confusing in the room.

Again, if you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks for putting up with me for yet another year! I'll see you guys in about a week - until then, practice safely and I wish each of you a safe trip to Strongsville -


2006 World Series Bracketing

OK, Gang, here they are. Remember that the format for the double elimination portion of the tourney is different this year. There is no "up and down" based on your performance in the round robin bracket play. Each bracket will be numbered 1-4 based on record after play and then Thursday starts the double elimination portion with cross bracket play.

Also, remember that in the round robin brackets, the top listed seeds begin the day playing the bottom listed seeds and then progress up the list for each game (meaning 1 plays 4, then 3, then 2)

If you have any questions, let me know.


Bracket A Bracket B Bracket C Bracket D
1. Taiwan Home Run 2. Kansas All-Stars 3. Chicago Comets I 4. West Coast Dawgs
5. Cleveland Scrappers 6. Austin Blackhawks 7. Indy Thunder 8. Bayou City Heat
9. Columbus Vipers 10. Long Island Bombers 11. Tyler Tigers 12. Boston Renegades
13. Stockton Stingrays 14. Pennsylvania Wolfpack 15. Colorado Storm 16. BYE

For more details on the 2006 Round Robin Bracketing