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·        Newsworthy Items

·        World Series Hotel and Vehicle Reservation Information

·        2004 Spring Board Meeting Minutes

·        NBBA Board Members

·        Necessary Forms for the 2004 Season


Newsworthy Items


·       Team Rosters are due by June 1st for the $10/member fee.  Final Rosters are due by July 1st ($20/member fee) in order to be able to participate in the World Series. (See form included in the Newsletter.)  NOTE the addition of Identifying a minor on the roster requirements


·       Letters verifying visual impairment will be required for all NEW athletes participating in the 2004 World Series.  Call the secretary with any questions.


·       The dates for the 2004 World Series are August 1st – August 7th. The meetings will be held on Tuesday, August 3rd.  Games will begin on Wednesday, August 4th, and continue thru Friday, August 6th.  The Championship games will be held Saturday, August 7th. The tournament will be held in Columbus, OH. The hotel is the Holiday Inn on the Lane. (See newsletter & www.cobba.org  for more info.)


·       2004 Regional Tournaments

June 4-6                         Topeka, KS  (contact John Parker)

June 4-6                          Indianapolis, IN (contact Darnell Booker)

June 12-13                      Chicago, IL  (contact Dave Smolka)

June 18-20                      Midwest City, OK (contact Rhonda Buford (405) 232-4644)

July 9-11                          Cleveland, OH (contact Kevin Barrett

July 9-11                          Denver, CO (contact Ron Barton)


·       Nominations – There are 9 Board positions up for election in 2004. They are:  President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Kevin Barrett, Seth Clark, Stephen Guerra, Sam McKinzie and Wilbert Turner.  Kevin Barrett may only be elected to an Executive office position. Please submit your nominations (remember the person must be willing to run) to Dan Kelley at (614) 848 4681 or email to dkelley3@columbus.rr.com


·       Visit us on the web at: www.NBBA.org


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World Series Hotel  and Vehicle Reservation Information



          -     1 rep from each team to call with a reservation. 

-     Will need to have a credit card to hold the rooms, but at check-in each room      can self  pay.

-     Accept cash, check, credit card.

          If personal check, must provide a drivers license/ID AND a credit card

          If an organizational check, must provide a drivers license

-     TAX exempt teams need to provide a copy of their state tax exempt letter (not a 501c3 letter) or certificate to the hotel AND they need to let the sales office know about their tax exempt status with their reservation.  MUST pay with organization check or credit card

-         rooming list must be provided (names for each room) – this may be edited prior to check-in if needed

-         IF providing rooming list and request a “master bill” check-in can be completed by 1 person who will be given a “key packet” to distribute

-         JULY 10th is the deadline for reservations!!!!

-         Refrigerators will be available for MEDICAL REASONS ONLY.  (The hotel only has 8 on property.)




-         1 x 15 passenger bus and 1 x 7 passenger van available

-         will be at airport every hour on the hour

-         pick up is at ground transportation outside of baggage claim area




For special Beep Baseball World Series van and car rental rates, please call:

Mary Lombardo: 614-237-5800 Ext: 254

or send Email requests to:  mlombardo@thriftycmh.net


NOTE: All inquiries should reference "Central Ohio Beep Baseball Association".

also, August is the busiest month of the year, so reservations should be made




Weekly Rate: $450 with 200 miles per day limit ($0.20 per mile overage charge)

Daily Rate: $79.95



Compact: $119.99 weekly

Mid-Sized: $159.99 weekly

Full Size: $172.99 weekly


Ohio Sales Tax is 6.75%.  A 5.71 airport tax will apply for pick up outside the

airport terminal. A 10.19% airport tax will apply for pick up in the airport

terminal. A garage recovery fee of $3.50 and a licensing fee of $0.27 per day

will also apply.


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2004 Spring Board Meeting Minutes


Columbus, OH

March 6, 2004


Present:  Ed “Doc” Bradley, Michael Garrett, Stephen Guerra, Dan Kelley, Tim Hibner, John Lykowski, Joe Wood, Wilbert Turner, Jeff Dell, Kevin Barrett, Jim Wolfe, Ken Bailey, Seth Clark, Dave Smolka, Terri Smolka, Jeana Weigand. 

Not present:  Roy Trujillo, Kari Biesendoerfer, Neal McDonald, Sam McKenzie, Kevin Sibson.

Guests:  Linda Barrett, Jan Traphagan, Dave Loyd (WCRS radio), Leonard Williams.


Call to order.



Secretary’s report read.  Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed.

Treasurer’s report (Excel Spreadsheet) read.  Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed.

John Ross Endowment report read.  Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed.

Discussion of funds transfer from Tournament fund untabled.  Jim Wolfe motioned to cap the Tournament Fund at $25,000.00.  Any money in excess of that amount is to be split 50/50 between the General Fund and the John Ross Endowment Fund.  2nd, discussion, passed.

Wilbert Turner mentioned a large amount of funding available in New Mexico earmarked for beep baseball in New Mexico.  Contact is to be made by the NBBA Secretary with the old Albuquerque TruSight team contacts or Cora McKiernan to discuss this issue and report at the World Series meeting. 


Tournament Committee:

Report for the 2004 Columbus read.  Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed.

2005:  No host city bid.

2006:  Tentative bids from Cleveland and New York.

Tournament Committee GUIDELINES for AWARDS read.  Discussion.  Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed with one opposed.

Motion for the NBBA to have a NBBA World Series medallion made with the cast design the same as the NBBA official patch.  Once purchased (in bulk to offset the cost of the casting), these would be forwarded to each host city to be used for their awards and would only need to be engraved on the backs. 2nd, passed.

Tournament committee BANQUET GUIDELINES read, with the addition of  key personnel” to be included by the host cities.  Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed.

ADJOURN for lunch.


Projects Committee:  Motion made to submit and IRS application to allow the NBBA to provide a $250 scholarship, 2nd.  Discussion.  Friendly amendment to change the criteria for scholarship eligibility to “3.0 or B average”.  Motion passed, one opposed.

Motion to form a committee for scholarship review consisting of Jeff Dell, Neal McDonald, Wilbert Turner, Michael Garrett, Stephen Guerra and Dan Kelley, 2nd.  Due to even number, amend to remove Neal from that list, 2nd.  Motion withdrawn.

Motion to form a committee for scholarship review for no more than a 2-year term, 2nd. 

Discussion.  Friendly amendment “for a renewable 2 year term”, 2nd.  Comment:  make the committee regionalized.  Since appointed by the President, this should not be a problem.  Motion with the amendment passed.


By-Laws Committee:  Will be bringing up changing the definitions of child and family memberships and making them “sustaining members” and regular members will be “members-at-large” for vote at the 2004 General Assembly.

Still working on checking the wording of the by-laws to coincide with the NBBA Articles of Incorporation.  Motion to accept report as read, 2nd, passed.


Membership:  17 teams registered as of March 1st.  Due to the lateness of the fall newsletter mailing, extending deadline to April 1st.  Will be contacting teams not registering for the 2004 season that registered for the 2003 season.


Balls and Equipment:  New Committee Chair:  Tim Hibner.

Roy not present and did not supply a report on the balls

Bases:  have 4 –5 orders with bases but no electronics.  Committee response is that we borrow the electronics from the NBBA bases so can fill the orders ASAP.  Options for future orders are to supply the empty bases along with specific instruction for building the electronics at a discounted price.  Also plan to provide these instructions on the NBBA website.  Committee requests that we create an official NBBA equipment invoice/list to travel with the equipment from host city to host city.

Jim Wolfe requests that we accept and ship orders with an original signed Purchase Order from schools, universities and government agencies. Motion to accept these on a 1-year trial basis and re-evaluate at that time, 2nd, passed.


Hall of Fame:  Motion to update the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Beep Baseball Display and replace the current photo with each year’s offensive MVP stating his batting average, 2nd.  Friendly amendment “each year’s Offensive and Defensive MVP’s and their stats”, 2nd, passed.  Amended motion passed.


Nominating:  New Committee Chair:  Dan Kelley.

Currently 3 nominations for board members:  Leonard Williams, Stephen Guerra and Wilbert Turner.  One nomination for each of the executive positions:  President:  Doc Bradley, 1st Vice:  Kevin Barrett, 2nd Vice:  Dave Smolka, Secretary:  Jeana Weigand.


Rules:  Nothing to report.


PR:  Lions Club International Foundation grant going well and is in final stages.  Hoping for response by the 2004 World Series.  Blind schools response has been good.  July 9-12 is Fanfest in Houston, TX.  Motion made to allow Dave Smolka (chair) and a second party airfare to Houston for this event, 2nd, passed.

****** patch amendment:  “Only a one time allotment of 20 patches will be sent to teams registering with the NBBA.”, 2nd.  Discussion, passed.

Motion to sell patches to NBBA members for $2/each and to NBBA non-members for $5/each, 2nd, passed.   Considering new web host for our website to get better service.  Will work on a table format for the equipment listings to get better viewing of the contact for each piece of equipment and the patches.  Motion for the current website gurus to investigate the option of having “team pages” added to the website, 2nd, passed.


Pioneer:  not present, no report given.


Old Business:

Regarding the issue of minors pitching in the NBBA:  a waiver for anyone under 18 years of age (MINORS) participating with any team and having on-field duties will be required by the NBBA.  These will be provided for each team.  Doc appointed a committee (Seth Clark, chair, Tim Hibner and Jim Wolfe) to present a “policy for minor pitchers in the NBBA” to the board in August.


Definition/ responsibilities for the Head Umpire untabled.  Discussion.  Motion      withdrawn.


The 2003 General Assembly voted for NBBA sanctioning and fees for regional tournaments.  Motion to table the implementation of the “NBBA sanction” until the Board can investigate it further.  2nd, passed.

Motion to appoint a committee to develop guidelines and criteria for NBBA sanctioning, 2nd, discussion, passed.  Doc appoints Jeff Dell- chair, Dan Kelley and Kevin Sibson.


Umpire evaluation forms used in the 2003 World Series were discussed.   Teams will be re-issued instructions on use through team contacts and at the coaches and captains meeting at the World Series. 


New Business:

Motion to create a new NBBA award called the “Dan Tracy Award” to be given as the “Umpire Achievement Award” to the top ranked umpire at each World Series, 2nd.  Discussion.  Meeting turned over to Dave Smolka so Doc could participate in the discussion.  What criteria will be used to determine this “winner”?  Should we make it a “volunteer (officials)” instead of an “umpire” award?  “Officials defined as any neutral on-field volunteer (scorekeeper, field or head ump, base judge or base switch operator).  Motion amended to “outstanding field official”, 2nd, passed. 

Amended motion to give the “Dan Tracy Award” to the outstanding field official at each World Series passed.  Meeting turned back over to Doc.  Motion to add an additional space at the bottom of the Umpire evaluation form so each team can write in the name of the outstanding field official (scorekeeper, base switch operator, base judge, field or head umpire) from that game, 2nd, passed.  Instructions will be given to team contacts and will be mentioned at General Assembly and the Coaches & Captains meeting. 

Motion to change the name of the NBBA Sportsmanship Award to the “George Haas Sportsmanship Award”, 2nd, passed. 

Motion to have John Lykowski purchase the “Dan Tracy Award” when he purchases the Jim Quinn Award, 2nd, passed.  Doc appoints a committee of John Lykowski, Michael Garrett and Kevin Barrett to determine the wording and design of the “Dan Tracy Award”. 


Motion to set aside $1600.00 in the budget for the purchase of a new NBBA laptop computer for World Series stats and secretary use. (The current program for WS stats will not run on the current laptop.)  Discussion on what to do with either the older or current laptop after the new one is purchased.  Motion to pass the current laptop to the Hall of Fame Committee and silent auction the older laptop once the new laptop is purchased, 2nd, defeated.  Motion to pass the current laptop to the Hall of Fame Committee once the new laptop is purchased, 2nd, passed. 


Motion to form a “competition committee”, responsible to the Rules Committee, to work on improving the game of beep baseball (competitive nature of the game), 2nd.  Discussion.  Make it a Rules sub-committee and have it function between World Series tournaments.  Motion passed.  Doc appoints Jan Traphagan- Chair, Stephen Guerra, Wilbert Turner, Michael Garrett and Seth Clark to serve on this committee.


Discussion about the NBBA providing a pool of qualified and reliable Head Umpires and Scorekeepers at each World Series.  Motion for the NBBA to reimburse (such as lodging) to repeat volunteers at a World Series, 2nd, Discussion:  number at each Series, stipend, required to be NBBA members, stipend/day beginning when or just a minimum stipend, funds to come from tournament fund.  Amend motion to $35/day stipend beginning on General Assembly day – withdrawn.  Amend motion to $35/day to volunteers with at least 2 years of service from General Assembly through Saturday – withdrawn.  Amend motion to NBBA reimburse a stipends to repeat head umpires and scorekeepers at a World Series at a rate of $35/day beginning General Assembly day through Saturday, 2nd, passed.  Currently have 9 members who would qualify. 


Fundraising issue:  discussed raffles, grants, hiring professional fundraiser(s).  Nothing decided at this time.


Jim Wolfe mentioned a “digital picture box” (approx. $300 cost) to potentially use for the Baseball Hall of Fame display.  It would allow us to show a variety of pictures versus only a few.


Motion to reimburse traveling board members, 2nd, passed.


Motion to publish the newsletter, 2nd, passed.


Raffle tickets distributed to each board member.


Motion to adjourn.


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NBBA Board Members


For these details contact the NBBA Secretary


Committee Chairpersons:

Nominating:  Dan Kelley

By-Laws:  Stephen Guerra

Projects:  Neal McDonald

Public Relations:  David Smolka

Membership:  Jeana Weigand

Balls & Equipment:  Tim Hibner

Rules:  Jim Wolfe

Hall of Fame:  Kevin Barrett

Budget & Finance:  John Lykowski


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Necessary Forms for the 2004 Season


·        Newsletter Request Form



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Last revised: 4/14/2004