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Vol. 16 Issue 1
December 2004

Fall 2004 Board Meeting - Oklahoma City

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Newsworthy Items

  • Team NBBA registration ($25) is due by March 1st in order to register your team name to be able to participate in the World Series. (See form included in the Newsletter.) Initial team rosters are due by June 1st with a $10/member fee. Final Rosters are due by July 1st ($20/member fee) in order to be able to participate in the World Series. Don’t forget to include the Certification letters verifying visual impairment for new players no later than with your final team roster. Call the secretary with any questions.
  • The dates for the 2005 World Series are July 24-July 30, 2005. The meetings will be held on Tuesday, July 26th. Games will begin on Wednesday, July 27th, and continue thru Friday, July 29th. The Championship games will be held Saturday, July 30th. The tournament will be held in Houston, TX.
  • 2005 Regional Tournaments
    June 4-5 Topeka, KS (contact John Parker)
    June 11-12 Chicago, IL (contact John Herzog or Dave Smolka)
    June 25-26 Midwest City, OK (contact Rhonda Buford)
    July 9-10 Columbus, OH (contact Rob Weigand)
    ** Check the website for the most up-to-date regional tourney info
  • Nominations – Please submit your nominations (remember the person must be willing to run) for 2005 NBBA Board positions to Dan Kelley at (614) 848-4681 or email to dkelley55125@sbcglobal.net
  • Visit us on the web at: www.NBBA.org
  • Information regarding current or former NBBA members who have passed away may be submitted to DAN GREENE – 1611 S. Aida Ave., Tucson, AZ 85710, OR may be sent online to dan@g-ware.com
  • The 2005 NBBA Spring Board meeting will be held in Houston, TX in March. For more info contact the NBBA secretary or check our website.

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2004 NBBA Fall Board Meeting (11/6/2004)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 6, 2004

Present: Ed Bradley, Joe Wood, Kevin Barrett, Dave Smolka, Jeana Weigand, John Lykowski, Sam, Shr-Wei Jo, Leonard Williams, Michael Garrett, Tim Hibner, Marty Skutnik, Jan Traphagan, Jeff Dell, Roy Trujillo, Wilbert Turner, Terri Smolka (teleconferenced), Jim Wolfe, Kari Biesendorfer. Guests: Janet Leonard, Kerry Kuck, Ron Whaley, Keith Meade (Rotary International, Midland, MI) and Sue Chang.

Absent: Ken Bailey, Stephen Guerra, Dan Kelley,

Call to order: Ed Bradley
Invocation: Michael Garrett
Minutes read: Tuesday, August 3rd, pre-General Assembly. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, discussion, approved. Friday, August 6th meeting. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, discussion, correction made (see next paragraph), motion to accept as corrected, 2nd, approved.
Correction to 08/06/04 minutes (see new business): Due to stipulations in the LCIF grant, a motion was made to have the NBBA put up $1,000 in "seed money" each year for three years to help reach the 25% requirement. If we are awarded the grant, LCIF will release the funds to a local Lions club (who will govern our use of it), 2nd, passed.
Treasurer’s report read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, approved.
Endowment fund report read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, approved.
TOURNAMENT: brief recap of the 2004 World Series final report. 2005 World Series will be held in Houston, TX July 24-July 31. Committees are moving forward and all facilities mentioned to this point appear adequate for our needs. The committee accepted a bid from Cleveland, OH to host the 2006 World Series. A World Series tournament guide has been updated and approved. Anyone wishing a copy should contact the NBBA Secretary until the guide becomes available on our website. Motion to accept the report, 2nd, discussion, passed.
BUDGET & FINANCE: A new budget format was proposed using a prototype. Invited discussion of prizes at our World Series raffle. Will accept prizes as donations from board members, teams, and businesses. Due to legalities in Texas, no cash prizes are allowed. Motion to set a deadline of December 31st, 2004 for obtaining a donated grand prize; John Lykowski will purchase one if the prize is not donated, 2nd, passed. We are applying for funds from the Qwest Foundation. Motion to accept report, 2nd, passed.
PROJECTS: Michael Garrett new chairman. Nothing to report at this time.
BY-LAWS: Nothing to report at this time.
MEMBERSHIP: Nothing to report at this time. Ron Whaley informed us of a recreational league in the DC/Virginia area. He will send contact information to Doc Bradley and Jeana Weigand.
HALL OF FAME: Nothing to report at this time. Reminder that the NBBA will celebrate its 30th anniversary 2005-2006.
BALLS & EQUIPMENT: Host cities used over 200 balls in Chicago, roughly 130 balls in Denver and 103 balls in Columbus at their World Series events. The new goal of the organization is to promote BALL CONSERVATION. Using a ball tee when hitting active balls during practices prevents direct hit charger & speaker damage. Recycle balls when possible. Even if you are not rebuilding the balls yourself, return them anyway – shells are $9/ball. Always place a pin in a ball & tape it down – even if you know the ball is dead. Shippers don’t like unexpected surprises like beeps in boxes these days. If you have pins, return those to Roy as well. Regarding “repaired balls”: only the shell is reused – all electronics and batteries are new. Please do NOT return “poly balls”. The cost for repaired balls is $21, the website will be updated to include all new information we have available regarding balls and pricing. When new balls are received, the first charge should be a minimum of 8 hours – 12 is recommended. Keep balls out of extreme heat to preserve battery life. Charging pins are sold separately for $3 each, eliminators are $9 each. Multiple chargers are available, call Roy for pricing. A payment from the Denver ball production group has been received by the NBBA for $2500.00. Per Roy, Radio Shack has discontinued the battery eliminator.
BASES: Committee recommends that the Arnold Center in Midland, MI take over the production of bases. Also recommends the NBBA sell its existing base production stock (covers, foam, etc.) to the Arnold Center. Recommends that we then purchase the bases from the Arnold Center to fulfill the NBBA’s current order list (those we have checks made out to the NBBA for purchase that have been on backorder). Motion to accept all of the committee recommendations regarding bases, 2nd, discussion, approved. Motion to reimburse Keith Meade, via the Rotary Club in Midland, MI, $1000.00 for costs associated with the prototypes brought to the board meeting for demonstration and base production, 2nd, approved.
NOMINATING: Nothing to report at this time.
RULES: Several changes have been received. Will bring them up for discussion and voting at the 2005 World Series Rules committee meeting.
Competition Committee: Working on mentoring program and Friday post elimination games for the 2005 Houston World Series.
PUBLIC RELATIONS: Lions Club International Fund grant still in progress – working on a locating a “funds administrator” within the Lions organization. Planning for a June 2005 submission. Need to work on having teams submitting their local Lions clubs participation in both volunteers and funding. Per Roy Trujillo, there has been an interest expressed by Canada for beep baseball. PR committee will get together with Leonard Williams and Jeff Dell to work on getting a PR DVD demo to send to interested parties (new teams, organizations, schools, etc.). Would like to see 2 conferences at the World Series – one on the use of equipment and one with instructions for coaches/captains.
Motion to accept report as given, 2nd, approved.
TELECOM PIONEERS: Jim Gadd’s term as President expires in January 2005. Due to layoffs in Atlanta, they will not be able to continue their pursuit of ball production. If we see any interested expressed in any service organization (Pioneers, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.) please send their contact information to Roy Trujillo. The Pioneers want to get out of a single source production for balls. Kari Biesendorfer volunteered to video ball production (start to finish) to send to interested parties. The next Telecom Pioneer meeting is scheduled for January 21-22, 2005 in San Antonio, TX. Motion to set up a booth with balls and a video/DVD of ball production and beep baseball games and pay travel and hotel for Roy to attend, 2nd, discussion. Friendly amendment to send a visually impaired, local player (Austin perhaps) with Roy. Motion withdrawn. NEW motion to send Roy (pay travel, lodging and booth expenses (if any)) to San Antonio for the meeting along with a local player, 2nd, approved. Ideas for booth include Adopt-a-Ball forms, World Series volunteer sign-up sheets, a 1-page ball production info sheet, the tri fold beep baseball info brochure and the ball production/beep ball games video/DVD.
NBBA sanctioning liability: seeking a pro bono lawyer through the Bar Association for guidance and are in process of getting quotes from Bollinger.
Reimbursement to Denver from excess 2003 World Series funds: Conference call was conducted with Doc Bradley, Ron Barton and Jim Kellogg. Issue is now closed.
Motion to print newsletter, 2nd, approved.
Regional Tournament information: OKC Midwest tournament June 25-26. Topeka Gofor Classic first weekend in June. Bowling Brook Beep Baseball Bash June 11-12.
Viper Classic July 9-10.
Website: Director of website is now Jeff Dell. They will work on getting new World Series pictures up on the website.
Head umpire World Series report read and discussed. Rules to clarify the DH/DP position for the World Series.
Motion to reimburse John Lykowski for the new NBBA laptop as approved for purchase by the board, 2nd, passed.
Motion to reimburse board members, 2nd, approved.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: committee meetings are turning in to board meetings. We need to leave the committees alone to do their jobs. The NBBA has a substance abuse clause in its By-Laws. Don’t come to any NBBA meetings – committee or otherwise – if you have been drinking.
Motion to adjourn.

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NBBA Board Member E-mail and Phone Only

For these details contact the NBBA Secretary


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NBBA Board Member Information

For these details contact the NBBA Secretary


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Committee Chairpersons

Nominating: Dan Kelley
By-Laws: Stephen Guerra
Projects: Michael Garrett
Public Relations: David Smolka
Membership: Jeana Weigand
Balls & Equipment: Tim Hibner
Rules: Jim Wolfe
Hall of Fame: Kevin Barrett

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Equipment List

As of 11/2004, the following is a list of names & addresses for beep baseball equipment:
The NBBA Ball and Equipment Chairman is Tim Hibner.

NOTE: Jim Wolfe is NO LONGER the contact for bases.

A full set of bases with electronic components are $350.00 plus $50 for shipping.

Make check payable to: Arnold Center, Inc.

Payment must be made at time of order placement in the form of money order, credit/debit card, personal or business check or authorized Purchase Order. Once the funds are in the Arnold Center account, orders will be shipped.

The Arnold Center expects to begin shipping in January 2005. Orders
will be filled in the order of the date they are received.

Contact: Greg Knopp
Arnold Center, Inc.
400 Wexford Ave
Midland, Michigan 48640
989 631-9570 x28
989 631-9316 FAX
For Sale: Repair parts and components for audio bases. Mostly electronics, some misc. foam and covers.
All orders shipped within 10 business days of receipt of payment.
For prices and availability, contact:
Kerry Kuck
(303) 934-9103 Mountain time
(888) 705-3805
8043 E. 7th St.
Tucson, AZ 85710
Cost unknown
Cleveland Sight Center
(216) 791-8118
Crafts for Sale Dept.
1909 E. 101st St.
Cleveland, OH 44106
Cost unknown
(Maggie Braddock)
$5 each


Must contact first via phone, US mail or e-mail to get exact amount with shipping included, then SEND PAYMENT WITH ACTUAL ORDER for balls or accessories.

NEW: $30 per ball PLUS shipping and handling.

REPAIRED: $21.00 per ball (will replace entire chamber) PLUS shipping & handling

ACCESSORIES: Charger - $3.00 each PLUS shipping & handling
Eliminator - $9.00 each PLUS shipping & handling
Multiple ball charger – contact for pricing

Contact info:
F.H. Reid Beep Ball Manufacturing
C/o Roy Trujillo
2020 W. Pine Ridge Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 798-6597
(303) 738-9997 Fax number
e-mail: beepball@earthlink.net

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