Dear NBBA members,


Due to on-line services via our website and e-mails, the NBBA is striving to move into the 21st century and send our member newsletters via these routes when possible.  This effort will also allow us to cut back printing costs and help us assist the US Post Office in reducing their expenses for Free Matter postage.


PLEASE SEND BACK THIS FORM IF YOU ARE REQUESTING A PRINTED AND MAILED COPY OF THE NBBA NEWSLETTER!!!  If I do NOT receive notice from you requesting a print copy, you will no longer continue to receive a print copy of the NBBA newsletter.


If you wish to have the newsletter directly e-mailed to you, please send an e-mail to me at stating such, OR return this form to me with your e-mail address.


Thanks for your help in cutting NBBA costs!  Remember the NBBA website is:




Ÿ        I prefer to continue to receive my newsletter via the U.S.

mail.  (If you are not visually impaired you may still choose this option.  We will pay postage for your issue.)






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          Please send me my NBBA newsletter via e-mail at



Just fold this form in half so the NBBA secretary info shows, secure closed and mail.  Thanks!


                                                                                      Free matter                                                                                                        for the blind









     Jeana Weigand, NBBA Secretary

5568 Boulder Crest Street

Columbus, OH  43235


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