The National Beep Baseball Association is proud to sponsor the annual World Series of Beep Baseball.  This event, held at the end of each summer (late July/early August), is a 4 day tournament.  Come watch the best players in the world display their talent in this unique and challenging sport.  Beep Baseballs are manufactured by the TeleCom Pioneers, currently in Denver, CO, as a volunteer project.  As there will be as many as 20 teams participating in this tournament, the need for a minimum of 300 beep baseballs is necessary.  The cost of each ball is $25.  You or your organization, firm, company or corporation can have your name printed on a ball.  The purchased ball will be used during World Series play.  Help sponsor the World Series of Beep Baseball by adopting a beep baseball today.  Your support is appreciated AND tax deductible!



_______________________ would like to sponsor ______beep baseballs

(Name to be printed on ball)                                     (# of balls)



Amount of donation $___________  (# of balls x 25)


Please make checks payable to NBBA. (World Series)


After the tournament, you can have the ball(s) returned to you as a keepsake or you can donate them to the NBBA’s World Series host city beep baseball team.


Please check one:

_______ Return ball(s) for keepsake (please include your address!).


_______ Please donate ball(s) to the NBBA’s World Series host city team.


Again, your support in any amount is greatly appreciated!!



The National Beep Baseball Association and the TeleCom Pioneers


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