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Volume 23, Issue #3
March, 2012

Spring Training in full swing

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2012 NBBA Teams

2012 Regional Beep Baseball tournaments

Ames; Did you know

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March has just begun, and you will see the list of teams that have registered for the 2012 NBBA season. We have more teams registered this year than in previous years, and with more teams registered, hopefully this will transition in to more teams attending the 2012 World Series in Ames, Iowa.

The NBBA Web team has been actively updating pages on the web site. The details regarding early years of the NBBA is an ongoing project but navigating to NBBA History will allow you to view info regarding the first World Series in September 1975 and the next few years. It is quite amazing to read the accounts of the early years, and what teams attended and were the dominant force.

Also as a treat, the All Tournament teams beginning from the very first World Series through the 2011 World Series in Indianapolis can also be viewed at NBBA all Tournament Teams.

A trivia question:
What is the only city to attend every World Series since the very beginning?

Send your responses to: the NBBA secretary

Articles that you will find in this edition are about:

Equipment for playing the sport of Beep Baseball ranges from beep balls, bases, face masks/blindfolds. There is one manufacturer for the balls and bases, but there are several vendors that you can choose from for blindfolds. You can purchase beep balls directly from the CentruryLink Pioneers site at the cost you have been purchasing them by sending your checks and purchase orders.
Click here to order your Beep Balls and bases from CenturyLink Pioneers with your credit/debit card.

Click here to see all the equipment needed for playing Beep Baseball

The 2012 season is off with the starters gun and we have 24 teams registered for the 2012 season. They are:

The NBBA would like to extend a special welcome to the three newest teams to the NBBA, the:

The NBBA is certainly a large family, and every one in the family is excited about our new additions.

The 2012 regional Beep baseball local tournaments are getting started in Mid May with the X-Treme Explosion during the weekend of May 18-20, 2012. Other tournaments that are in place or are going to take place but have not provided complete data are:

These and other regional tournaments can be found at 2012 Regional Beep baseball tournaments

The NBBA is a recognized charity with and Good search is a search engine and with each search, the NBBA receives a contribution. Also Good Shop allows you to shop for items on the web and your purchases generate contributions to the NBBA. Take part in the raising of funds for the NBBA while on the internet.
Visit the NBBA Home page for more information.

Welcome to Ames for the 2012 NBBA World Series!

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Ames, Iowa is known for its friendly atmosphere and its clean and safe environment. The community is home to Iowa State University and the Cyclones, a member of the Big 12 Athletic Conference.
Ames has a population of 58,965 residents, including more than 28,000 university students. Iowa State University is a leading technology and research center in multiple areas, including engineering, agriculture and veterinary medicine. The university is also the birthplace of the first electronic digital computer, the Atanosoff-Berry Computer. Iowa State also takes pride in its many famous alumni, including George Washington Carver, renowned plant scientist and Carrie Chapman Catt, influential suffragist and founder of the League of Women Voters.

On a lighter note, Iowa State alumna Mildred Day was on the Kellogg’s team that developed the original Rice Krispies treat. For more information about Iowa State visit Iowa State University

Ames and Iowa State University provide a number of options for entertainment and recreation, including Reiman Gardens, a 14-acre garden with a 2,500 square foot butterfly house. For more information, check out Reiman Gardens.

Ames is also the home to 36 parks and more than 55 miles of bike and pedestrian trails.
If you are looking for a cool spot to be on a hot summer day, check out the Furman Aquatic Center, with its lazy river, zero depth entry and 50 meter pool. Visit City of Ames Parks and Rec for more information about the parks.

Ames and Iowa State University also have several art museums with permanent collections and rotating exhibits. For more information, check out Museums at Iowa State
Octagon Arts

During your leisure time, Ames’ Main Street Cultural District in downtown Ames is a great place to find unique one-of-a-kind shops and great restaurants. Find out more about all this area has to offer at Main Street cultural district

Ames’ Campustown area, just south of Iowa State University’s central campus, is another great place to explore for shopping, dining and entertainment options while you are in town.

As you plan your trip to Ames, check out the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website for links to all these locations, plus a variety of additional things to see and do, including a calendar of upcoming events.

Want to learn more about the 2012 Beep Baseball World Series? Visit
Ames beep

click here to visit Ames Beep Baseball on Facebook

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