The NBBA Newsletter

Volume 23, Issue #1
January 2012

Table of Contents

Editor's Notebook

Tidbits and facts about Ames, Iowa

Important Dates for the NBBA in 2012

NBBA World Series Host Hotel

Where could be the 2014 World Series?

Recent losses to the NBBA Family

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The Officer's and Board of Directors would like to extend to all members, Affiliate Teams, their families and friends a prosperous New Year for 2012.

Beep Baseball for many teams will be starting in January, with the use of an indoor batting cage and training sessions to get their teams ready for playing beep baseball in the early spring. Most of the country cannot enjoy year round outdoor practicing opportunities, so those teams in the California and Arizona area, send warmer weather quickly!

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Whether you're in town for business, to catch a game or just a quick visit, you’ll enjoy an array of options to meet your needs and expense account. During the day you can find local shopping treasures in our downtown boutiques. Hang out in one of our 35 woodland parks. Hop on our 55 miles of bike and pedestrian trails. Take a swing at one of our five different golf courses. Or do what we do best and cheer for the best college teams in the nation!
Read all about Ames Iowa from



The host hotel for the 2012 NBBA World Series is:

Gateway Hotel and Conference Center
2100 Green Hills Drive
Ames, Iowa 50014
Phone: (515) 292-8600
Gateway Hotel, Ames Iowa


The Tournament committee for the NBBA, which is comprised of the following individuals:

The committee receives constant requests for information for hosting a World Series, and are still reviewing requests for 2014. Currently, Rochester, Minnesota and Cedar Rapids, Iowa have already submitted a formal bid to host the World Series. Other cities that information has been sent to or that a site visit of the city has been done are:

Requests for information are constantly being provided, and if you are aware of a city that potentially could host a NBBA World Series, please send an email requesting information to:


Matthew Sapolin, a long time member of lost his fight with lifelong cancer. Matt led the New York City Mayor's office for People with Disabilities since 2002. Matt is survived by his wife Candra and two children Toscany and Trevor.
New York Times Article about Matthew P. Sapolin


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