This was prepared and written by NBBA president Charlie Vassallo to report on the 1978 World Series and other NBBA business. This might be possibly the first or one of the first efforts at developing a newsletter.

To All Members;

If you were not in Phoenix the weekend of Oct. 13, you missed the best N. I. T. series competition wise, that we have ever had. From the beginning, it was apparent that there were not going to be any runaways. The first round matched up:

Minnesota BSF vs El Paso
Phoenix vs Chicago
St. Paul vs Sioux Falls
Houston vs Lawrence

El Paso played BSF tough for the first three innings, in fact, they even had the lead, but the big guns of Minnesota proved to be too much for the Texas squad, and the final score was 26 to 13.

The Chicago Bluffs, a newcomer to the series, gave Phoenix a good game, but lost in a close score 17 to 16.

Sioux Falls found St. Paul to be too much for them and lost with a score of 23 to 13.

Lawrence looked like they were going to have the same woes as last year when they were beat by another newcomer, Houston. That final was 11 to 7.

The second round proved to be more interesting.
El Paso, the third new team, eliminated Chicago from the tournament with a 9 to 5 win.
Lawrence eliminated Sioux Falls in a very close game that saw the lead change back and forth, it ended up at 10 to 9.

In the Winners bracket, BSF after gaining a commanding lead which invoked the 12 run rule, saw Phoenix not only come back to tie; but also to go on and win the game with a 29 to 27 victory.
St. Paul put a slight crimp in Houston's chances by beating them 20 to 15.

The third round matched up Lawrence with El Paso and that ended with a victory for Lawrence 21 to 17.
El Paso was then eliminated and BSF put an end to Houston's hopes in the series by beating them 19 to 10.
Phoenix handed St. Paul its first loss with a score of 30 to 25.

In the fourth round, Lawrence found themselves in another close game and this time the opponent was Phoenix. The lead changed hands many times, but in the last of the sixth, Lawrence could only get a single run and lost by a score of 25 to 21.
At the same time, BSF was beating the St. Paul team and that final score was 26 to 18.
St. Paul was guaranteed the third place trophy.

The last round, or what appeared to be the last round, had BSF with a record of 3 and 1 against Phoenix with a record of 4 and 0. That game was won by BSF and now the records were the same and there was just one more game and the champ would be decided. Both games were very close and when it was all over, Minnesota had won both with identical scores of 18 to 17.

Of course this was the second championship in a row for BSF. If you are wondering about the high scoring, the grass was very short and the ground was very hard. A ball that was not hit very hard could easily make it out to the fence. You can take it from me that there were many players that went home with bruises and abrasions.

The most valuable player award was given to Jim Mastro and the All Tournament team included:
Jim Mastro; Minn
Jim Quinn; Minn
Bill Gibney; Phoenix
Vince Blaise: Phoenix
Dave Miller: Sioux Falls
Juan Salinas: Houston
Dennis Huberty: St. Paul

Last but not least, the first female to make the A.T. Team was:
Lori O' Neal: Lawrence, KS

Times for the committee meetings were sort of fouled up, but after some readjusting, business went on and several things were accomplished. The main business meeting was held Friday and business was taken care of in a little more than an hour. I would liked to have had more time but there was none. Several changes will be found in both the rules and by-laws. These are included within. The By-law change that I want to impress on everyone is that the dues are no due no later than June 1 and if affiliated team dues and members dues are not received by that time, the teams or members will not be considered for the 1979 series. I will remind you again next spring and there should not be any excuses for these dues not being there. Please address all checks to National Beep Baseball Association and mail them to your secretary Tom Heinl.

The tournament will be held at Wichita, Kansas next year during the second or third weekend in September. It will be a four day tournament with the first day being set aside for all NBBA meetings.

I have selected a committee consisting of Bill Gibney, Al Woody, John Ross, Larry Johnson, Frank Sinon and Rich Poncin. This committee will be chaired by Holly Clark. The purpose of the committee is to put together a manual on Beep Baseball. The manual will cover such areas as starting a team, sponsorship of a team, funding, instructions for playing, etc.. Initial funding for this project will be one hundred dollars provided by the NBBA as voted on and passed by the Board of Directors. A final report from this committee is due on or before April 15, 1979. This manual will be used for the promotion of Beep Baseball thru the NBBA.

I would like all of you members to give some thought to the idea of our organization reaching out in order to get more people involved with Beep Baseball. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, This is your organization, so please help with it and see if we can make it grow bigger and better, and more independent."

Your President
Charles S. Vassallo

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