Mission Statement

Jim Quinn Award Committee

It shall be the policy of the Jim Quinn committee to make every effort to be fair and objective in regards to bestowing the NBBA’s highest honor on a deserving candidate each year.
This committee does so with the full appreciation of the fact that a Jim Quinn nomination is submitted by NBBA members motivated by a deep sense of gratitude towards the nominee who means a great deal to the individual and/or team who submitted the Jim Quinn nomination letter.

Basic Rules

A Jim Quinn nomination letter must be received by the Jim Quinn Committee Chairperson by June 1st for consideration for that calendar year.
The Letter can be submitted via E mail or by postal mail.

A Jim Quinn nomination letter is confidential and should only be known to exist by the author(s) of the letter and the Jim Quinn Committee.
Multiple letters and/or E mails are permitted on a candidate.
Updates to nomination letters already on file are welcome. At times the Jim Quinn Committee may contact the author(s) for additional information.
All Jim Quinn Award letters confidentiality shall be protected by the Jim Quinn Committee Chairperson and will be handled with the utmost respect for both the author(s) and the nominee.

All Jim Quinn nomination letters remain on file until such time as the candidate is awarded the Jim Quinn Award. The letter is then passed on for inclusion in the NBBA Hall of Fame under the candidate’s Biography as a Hall of Fame member under the Jim Quinn Award Winners category.

Jim Quinn Award recipients will be asked to serve on the Jim Quinn Committee the following two years after receiving the award. An award winner may decline if she/he so chooses.

The guiding philosophy of the Jim Quinn Award Committee is that all candidates are qualified worthy nominees and shall be treated accordingly.
The selection process will be conducted fairly and without prejudice or bias of any kind.
Only one candidate can be selected annually to receive the Jim Quinn Award.
After the selection is made only the Treasurer of the NBBA and the authors of the nomination letter are to be made aware of the selection.
The Jim Quinn Award shall be presented to each year’s selection at the NBBA World Series Banquet.

Submit your Jim Quinn nomination by e-mail.