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John J. Parker

Birth Date: 11/30/60
City/State: Topeka, Kansas

Team(s): Topeka Gofors and Kansas All-Stars

Started Playing: 1990
Playing Status: Active

October 27, 2000

Dear Kevin:

I wish to submit a name to the Committee of Beep Baseball Hall of Fame, which I understand is under your jurisdiction as a member of the Board of Directors. I had the privilege of being part of John's committee for the 1997 Topeka World Series.

John J. Parker has been a long-time advocate and player of Beep Baseball here in Kansas. Also, it is well known that he has held many positions on the Board of Directors in an effort to bring about the continued growth of the National Beep Baseball Association. However, John's heart, mind, body and soul is totally in tune with himself as well as his co-players when he is on the field playing the sport he has come to love very adamantly. Most of you are aware that John began losing his site at the age of 20 after being hit with a soccer ball while refereeing a game. Prior to that day, he had dreams of being a professional soccer player as he played goalkeeper for the Topeka Rowdies in 1981. He soon began struggling with the fact that he probably would not regain his sight and that he would need to find new ways to channel his athletic abilities as well as deciding what he would do with his life that he now was experiencing many aspects of his disability. In the 1990's he became acquainted with the fact that there was a program for visually impaired women and men to play baseball. He wasn't quite sure how this could possibly work, but he was eager to discover whether this might be something for him.

From his inception of playing beep baseball, he was a competitive sportsman and felt he had found something he would want to become involved with both as a player and participating in the "nuts & bolts" aspect of the National Association to promote this newfound sport he had discovered. John has excelled in both of these entities of the sport. He has won many trophies to include: MVP for both offense and defense; good sportsmanship; highest batting average - .878 award and 1000. (listed in attachment)

In the year 1997, John and his committee hosted the National Beep Baseball World Series which for the first time ever, it became an International event to include a team from Taipei, Taiwan. John spent much of his waking hours devoted to fundraising efforts long before the series was to begin attending local civic meetings and meeting with individual company officers. Thru these efforts, he was able to raise more money than any beep baseball team since the inception of the world series events.
One of his most dedicated passions is in promoting Beep Baseball to the young people in his community. His goal is to bring this sport before the nation thru these young sighted adults and children, as well as to those who are not sighted individuals. To tell them about teamwork, believing in oneself and daring to try. Beep baseball has given me a great opportunity to learn about this and that I can overcome my disability by working hard, having courage, and determination. Also it has given me a camaraderie with other teams who serve as role models for me.
I appreciate your consideration in nominating John as he has worked hard to achieve and to win these awards. They are as follows:

  • 15 medals
  • 1990 - All Tourney Offense - Chicago
  • 1991 - All Star Team - Houston World Series
  • 1992 - All Tourney Defensive - Minnesota
  • 1992 - MVP Defense - OKC, Ok Tournament
  • 1993 - All Star Offense - Austin World Series
  • 1993 - Fastest Base Runner - Austin World Series
  • 1994 - MVP Offense - Midwest City, OK Tournament
  • 1995 - Best Hitter - avg 1000 - Topeka Tournament
  • 1995 - All Tourney Best Offense - Topeka
  • 1996 - Best Hitter - Topeka Invitational
  • 1996 - Offensive All Star Team - OKC, Ok Tournament
  • 1996 - Offense MVP - Austin World Series
  • 1996 - Fastest Base Runner - Austin World Series
  • 1997 - All Star Offense - Topeka World Series
  • 1999 - All Star Offense .788 - Sacramento World Series

Thank you and I remain.
Very truly yours,
Patricia A. Robbins

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