National Beep Baseball Association Forms

Team and Player Registration

Team Registration Form
The Team Registration Form is due for all NBBA teams on March 1st of each year. Registration is required for a team to be eligible to play in the World Series.

Team Registration Form (Word Document)

Team Roster Registration and Billing Forms
The 2 deadlines for the Team Rosters to be submitted for the NBBA World Series are June 1st and July 1st. See the forms linked below for more details.

Team Roster Registration Form (Word Document)
Team Roster Billing Form (Word Document)

Member Release Form
Any player registered with a team for the World Series must have this release form signed by the team they are registered by before they are permitted to be added to another teams roster for that years World Series.

Member Release Form (Word Document)

Parental Waiver Form
All minors must have this waiver form signed and submitted before competing in an NBBA event.

Parental Waiver Form (Word Document)

Donation and Sponsorship Forms

The John Ross Endowment Fund
The John Ross Endowment Fund was started in honor of one of our founding members. The goal of the endowment fund is to support the sport of Beep Baseball and build financial stability for our league's future.

John Ross Endowment Fund Pledge Card (Word Document)

Adopt-A-Ball Form
One way to support the NBBA is to adopt a Beep Baseball for the NBBA World Series. Your ball will be used at the World Series and then you have the option of having it sent to you as a keepsake or you can also donate it to the league.

Adopt-A-Ball Form (Word Document)

Game Forms

Game Roster Submission Form
The team roster and starting line up for every game must be submitted before coin flip.

Game Team Roster Form (Word Document)

NBBA Scoresheet
This is the form that the NBBA uses at the World Series for keeping scores and statistics.

NBBA Scoresheet (Excel Document)
NBBA Scoresheet (Accessible PDF)


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