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Beep Baseball Equipment

The following is information for all the Beep Baseball equipment that will be needed for the game!

Beep Baseballs and Chargers:

The Denver Beep Ball Group is the sole provider and manufactuer of all Beep baseball Equipment. All of the listed equipment is made entirely at cost and by volunteers.
As a note, none of the listed equipment from the Denver Beep Ball Group is available anywhere online or from any distributors of equipment. If any Beep baseballs, chargers or bases are being sold by anyone, it is not any equipment made by the Denver Beep Ball Group, and is strongly discouraged. If you locate any resources attempting to purchase the equipment, please contact The Denver Beep Ball Group

Effective Wednesday, October 14, 2015, pricing for equipment has changed. Changes are as a result of manufacturers and suppliers price increase for all parts. The pricing in the list below is current and up-to-date.
***Payment methods that are accepted are:***

If you would like to use a purchase order for any of the below listed items, please Contact the Denver Beep Ball Group to use a Purchase Order

Current available equipment for purchase

***For all potential shoppers:***
Shipping of all items is completed through USPS and "Free Matter for the Blind" unless you specifically request a particular shipping method.
***Please note: A set of bases requires multiple packages and can only be shipped by UPS. if purchasing a set of bases, please Contact the Denver Beep Ball Group for a quote on shipping

For the care of your beepballs, click the following link: Click here to read on how to properly care for a Beep baseball!

***For all others who wish to purchase the above listed equipment***
Make payments for Beep Baseballs, chargers or bases by making your Checks payable to:

Telecom Pioneers

Send your checks and money orders for payment of any of the above listed equipment to the Denver Beep Ball Group, at:
CenturyLink Pioneers
c/o Bob Kurtz
6944 Fargo Trail
Littleton, CO 80125
Denver Beep Ball group

Beeping Bases:

A set of bases include:

Bases are made of high quality foam, covered with reinforced vinyl tarp and velcro fasteners

Beep Baseball Bats

***Important information***

The below links are resources which you can use to locate bats to be used for playing Beep Baseball.
The NBBA does not require you to purchase any of the below bats, but is offering it as alternative choices to your existing bats.
Please take note that when choosing a bat, the length may not exceed 34 inches long or 38 ounces in weight.
The below information is strictly being provided as a resource and is no way shape an endorsement by the National Beep Baseball Association. We encourage you to carefully make a choice regarding a bat, no matter if aluminum or wood.

Phoenix Bats
Click here to read in .pdf format, how to care for your Phoenix Bat
Click here to review and purchase Phoenix Wood Bats which other NBBA teams have used and have had success with previously

Click here to locate aluminum bats from Play it Again Sports, enter your zip code to locate a store near you!

NBBA Patches

All teams of the NBBA must display the NBBA patch on their uniform to qualify for the Sportsmanship Award given at the World Series. Patches are available at a cost of $2.00. You can purchase patches by sending payment to the following address:

The National Beep Baseball Association

The patches are $2 each, and you can send your checks to:

The National Beep Baseball Association
P.O. Box 290
Glennview, Il 60025
NBBA Patches

Purchasing patches will be made available to complete online shortly.


Maggie Braddock

E-mail: Maggie Braddock,
Cost per Blind fold: $7

Please note, Maggie Braddock does not accept phone calls, you can only reach her by email.

Mindfold Inc.

8043 East 7th Street
Tucson, AZ 85710
Click here to navigate to the Mindfold Web Site

***Please Note:***
When wanting to place an order for your team, and you would like to order twelve or more Mindfolds, please call Mindfold to place your order and indicate your with the National Beep Baseball Association.
If you experience any issues with your orders or placing an order, please contact Tom Russin at Tom Russin
Additionally, any orders made online are not subject to the NBBA special pricing.

Mack's Blindfolds

Now known as the Shut-Eye Shade Sleep Mask. $7 each and $82 for a dozen
Search for the Shut-Eye Shade Sleep Mask on the main page.

If you have any problems with or comments about ordering equipment contact the NBBA Equipment Committee.