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The NBBA 2017 Elections

The NBBA each year during the Beep Baseball World Series, elects nominated members to serve in both the roles as an Executive Officer or as a Board of Director member.
The Board of Directors are made up of 16 members of the NBBA, as stated in the NBBA By-laws.
Each Board of Director position, is a 3 year term. The Board of Directors are limited to only two consecutive terms (6 years).
The Officer positions are only 2 year terms. The Officers of the NBBA are re-electable to as many consecutive terms as they are elected.

The Executive Officers positions are:

The positions of the Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer and Head Umpire are appointed and approved positions by the President and Board of Directors. The Treasurer also is an Ex-Officio member of the Executive Committee.

Navigate away from this page and open and view the NBBA Board of Directors page to view all current elected Board of Director members.
Navigate away from this page to open and view the results from the 2015 NBBA election.
Navigate away from this page to open and view the results from the 2016 election.

2017 NBBA Elections

At the 2017 General Assembly, the Office of President, 2nd Vice President and 3 Board of Director positions are open for elections.

Nominations for any of the Officer or Board of Director positions are officially closed as of June 1, 2017.
Biographical information for each candidate is available for your reading and so that you can make the best choices while voting.

Existing Nominations and Bios

Office of the President:

Office of 2nd Vice President:

Board of Directors:

Nominations that have been received must first be confirmed. When confirmed they will appear on this page. Please return as this page will be updated frequently.