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Donate to the NBBA

Supporting the National Beep Baseball Association enables us to continue providing a venue for healthy competition, athleticism, a positive psycho-social experience, and public awareness of the abilities of visually impaired people. It's not just playing baseball. Beep Baseball allows visually impaired people the opportunity to strive for achievement and independence.

The National Beep Baseball Association is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations to the NBBA are tax deductible. There are many ways to support the National Beep Baseball Association. You can donate using PayPal or Credit Cart by visiting:

or sending your checks to:

John Lykowski, Treasurer
The National Beep Baseball Association
P.O. Box 290
Glennview, IL 60025
John Lykowski, Treasurer

The John Ross Endowment Fund

This endowment fund was developed to build a bright future for Beep Baseball and our league. It is our goal to raise enough money in this endowment to be able to promote and support the game of beep baseball forever. Pledges to the John Ross Endowment are only deductible in the year of each contribution. So if you pledge $100 over 4 years you can only deduct the money paid in each year for that particular year's tax return. For more information about pledging read the info on the endowment fund pledge card.

Donating a Car

Automobile donations are an incredibly fast and easy way to help The National Beep Baseball Association. Your car donations help support our Blind Athletes and are an easy way for you to get rid of an unwanted vehicle.

Do you have a car you have no use for but you don't want to spend a bunch of time trying to sell it? You can make a real contribution to us with a donation of a car. When you donate your car to The National Beep Baseball Association your car is picked up for free and there is no paperwork hassle to deal with. Lend us your support, make a car donation.


You can also support your local teams. For a list of the NBBA Registered Teams visit the Teams Page

Contact NBBA Treasurer John Lykowski for more information about supporting the NBBA.