Message from the Denver Beep Ball Group

The Denver Beepball is made of the finest materials available. It has been constructed to allow normal use of a softball; however, care should be exercised to keep it operational. Excessive heat has been determined to be the greatest reason for failure. It is best when not being used to keep the ball out of direct sunlight for any prolonged period of tie. Second biggest reason for failure is being hit directly on the speaker, identified by the small holes on the opposite side of the on/off pin. When the ball is pitched, it would be held with the holes facing the body (perpendicular) and rolled off the hand.

The ball should be charged for a full fourteen (14) hours before the first use. Always use one of our re-charge plugs. Never use a nine volt (9V) battery on the charge plug. The reason such a connector is being used is to keep the positive and negative sides of the circuit easily accessible to the visually impaired.

A simple rule for re-charging the ball is: if you use the ball for one (1) hour charge it for two (2) hours. Leaving the ball charging longer will not damage the ball, but not recommended on a consistent basis. The timing of the beep (slower) will also alert you that the ball needs re-charging.

Keep (as much as reasonably possible) foreign matter free from all the holes in the ball, especially water.

The plastic pin protruding from the ball is a plug which operates the sound module. To use the ball, simply remove the pin and the ball will start beeping. Insert the plastic plug when the ball is not in use.

If the ball should fail completely but the physical condition is still good, we will replace the beeping unit for twenty-one dollars ($21). Please do not dispose any unusable balls, please send them back to us. This helps us in determining where the common failures are and we look to ways of improving the ball. You can ship them to us “Free Material for the Blind”.

With reasonable care the ball should last a long time. The cost reflects the price of components to construct the ball. It takes a minimum of four (4) hours to construct a ball. All labor is volunteered by the Denver Beepball Group, Telecom Pioneers of America, a 501C3 charitable organization. With this much time and money invested, we sure don’t like to see a ball fail, but it happens, there are no guarantees. The ball is evolving as we are constantly looking to improve it. If you stop to think about it, it is a crazy idea to hit an electronic device with a baseball bat, we are doing it and getting better at it everyday. The Denver Beepball is the official ball of THE NATIONAL BEEP BASEBALL ASSOCIATION.

Please enjoy and have a fun time playing the wonderful game of Beep Baseball.

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Created on ... March 12, 2010